Thursday, October 20, 2005

Loss of Color in Lexington

I live in the land of "tear it down, and they will come." (In fact, if anyone wants to offer me a large sum to tear down my tiny old Cape Cod, I'll seriously entertain it.) Most of the new houses that arise from the removal of the old are considerably larger and more elaborate than what they've replaced, but even my envious eyes must admit that most of them are beautiful and style appropriate (bungalows, Georgian, Victorian, etc.)

In the last year, my favorite new tear-down replacement was a house on Waltham Street, near the Lexington Town Center. It was a Victorian (again, style appropriate) with the most amazing color scheme: blues, greens, yellows, with cream trim. I loved that house, and I'm sure the designer/builder put a lot of love and hope into it. It sat on the market for a while (or maybe I'm just thinking of the time it took to build it--can't really tell). Every time I'd drive by I'd admire the colors. Most authentic Victorians aren't just white, you know--they come in all kinds of shades, both bright and pastel. You need a big house to handle the variety of color (it would look strange and splotchy on a house like mine), but this one carried it with dignity and charm.

Well, apparently someone bought it, or perhaps the builder just gave in on his dream (again, can't tell). Now, my beautifully colored Victorian is all beige and cream. Tasteful, nice, all that. "More marketable," maybe.

I hope the new owners are very happy. But me, I miss the color, and I hope the builder tries again with another house. And if he does, I hope he drops me a line, so I can drive by and sigh, once more.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Oh no! You can't have a beige victorian. It must have purple doors, and pale blue paint....or pink paint w. cream trim and an accenting pink door. Whatever are people thinking?!?!?

4:22 PM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

I know, I know! It was so beautiful, and now it's "marketable."

And I really feel the builder's pain because when our house in Texas sustained water and smoke damage from a lightning strike/fire immediately before we moved here, the Realtor pushed us to redecorate the damaged wallpaper, paint, and carpet in "marketable" beige tones. All my painstakingly chosen blues, greys, roses, and burgundies--trust me, it worked--were painted over, repapered, and recarpeted in beige. The house sold eventually, but by then, it really wasn't my house anymore.

I shouldn't be so hard on people who prefer beige--it's all a matter of opinion--but when you have something as beautiful as that Victorian, it's a damn shame to mess with it.

4:51 PM  
Blogger clipper829 said...

I'm sure it was painted in the colors of a "painted lady" - where they are painted three or more colors (not just accents/trim) when the owner tries to restore it to its original Victorian/Queen Anne style.

Beige is so boring! Boo.

6:47 AM  

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