Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Not About Roller Coasters

Welcome to Everything's SFNE, a bit about my life here in the great states of New England (and occasionally beyond--like, say, maritime Canada). As a relative newcomer to NE (a mere not-quite-four years and counting), I won't be considered a "local" for about three generations, so I figure I can do wide-eyed-newcomer stuff for sixty or seventy years. This blog will not only be about restaurants and food, but a lot will be. I like food. I also like participatory democracy. We have a lot of that here, too.

Second, a caveat: Despite the name--more on that later--my SFNE has nothing to do with roller coasters or amusement parks. Those of you looking for that topic--and you know who you are--sorry, that's not me. Roller coasters give me headaches. Although they look cool. And Gil Grissom on "CSI" likes them. Also cool.

Finally, although I have several blogger friends, at least one of whom has urged me to start a blog for about two years, I didn't actually get this going until I was asked to learn the Blogger software for "Take Our Demon Spawn--sorry, I mean Children--to Work Day," so we could show kids how to start their own online journals. So my later posts should be better. Hopefully. You'll keep me on my toes in the comments section, right?


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